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Welcome to my cyber gallery of poetic paintings

anatomical oil painting, teeth, hands, specimen Bone a dark woman, goth community, black and white, association with soul music, saloon, tourney, concert, audience, applause surrealistically painting, a scarecrow in the desert carrion comfort, a vulture in a still life with fruits and a wine bottle

You will be confronted with mythological characters, Shakespearean phenomenon, wisdom from the Far East, Sequential Art, technique from the renaissance.
the curtain behind the door in front of the fire, oil painting goth metal, drawing, blue mood, knowledge, oil painting of a man in a blue mood navy brat, goth metal, navy, association with AWOL, freedom, daredevil

humour is of importance to understand the bizarreness of human beings and their behavior.
I have had numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

real goth metal, drawing Lavender in the Toscana, oil painting landscape of the Toscana still life, a rat in a exclusive mansion on a table with apples gothcat, the meanest cat on world

An Artist gifted and hunted from Gods and Demons. Craftsmanship combined with fantasy, sensitivity and aesthetic.

the graphic novel about the bane of feanor and the fight of the four worlds gothic lady, painting mortaja, oil painting, anatomy a skull, an anatomical drawing

I grew up as a cosmopolitan with a wide knowledge of music, language, history and literature and a thirst for understanding, which I gain through education and experience. My Grandfather was an art collector and a patron of art. Among other things I studied Art and History of Art. Study visits in China and the Middle East.

leftovers, oil painting of a skeleton, anatomy sky and clouds, oil painting landscape of the sky, John Linnell

With pleasure I'll mail you my CV and explanations of my paintings. Contact me for your reviews. I'm looking forward to read about what you are seeing in my paintings. Just drop me a line and if you wish, I'll publish your thoughts on my website.

At your request you can order posters and replications of the paintings

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning an oil painting or a drawing.
Thank you!


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"Anja Kunz Malerin Nürnberg Nuremberg, Ask is Art"